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The Baldwinsville Public Library is chartered to serve the residents of the Baldwinsville Central School District. The library is governed by a seven member board of trustees.  Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the library. The members of the board are residents of the Baldwinsville Central School District and are elected, on a rotating basis, for five year terms. The board determines library policies and budget.  Meetings are held in the library community room.  Members of the public who wish to present their concerns at a library board meeting should first review the library’s public comment policy by clicking the link below.

Section IV Public Comment Final 

BPL By-Laws

July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024 Board of Trustees

  • Mary Lou Carpinella
  • Linda Clarkson
  • Pamela Fallesen
  • Craig Maguire
  • Mary Schmutz
  • Frank Valchine
  • Mary Anne Williams

Contact the board of trustees by writing to them in care of the Baldwinsville Public Library, 33 East Genesee Street, Baldwinsville, New York 13027-2575


Past year’s reports are compiled into a single document featuring all twelve
months worth of reports.  Current year reports are available on a month by
month basis.

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