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All requests must comply with our meeting room policy below. Review all sections before submitting your request.

On our form include your room setup, computer setup, and any special needs or assistance you require.  A staff member will review the request and let you know if your request can be confirmed.

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BPL Meeting Room Policy




  1. Library activities have priority over all others for use of the rooms. Use is assigned by the Library Director or his/her designee in the order applications are received, whether in person, in writing, or by telephone.
  1. The meeting rooms are available for use free of charge during the hours which the library is open, for educational, cultural, charitable, and civic purposes.   Attendance will be open to the general public. Rooms are not available for private social events.
  1. Businesses and for-profit organizations may only reserve the meeting rooms for use of the videoconferencing equipment. This use must adhere to all meeting room policies except that such meetings may be closed to the public.
  1. Room assignment will be at the discretion of the library. The library reserves the right to limit the number of people attending meetings.
  1. Requests involving registration fees and/or material fees can be approved only when proceeds from such activities are used to support civic, charitable, or educational purposes. The Board reserves the right to require an accounting of proceeds from any approved activity.
  1. Programs that involve fundraising or the sale of goods, products, or services are prohibited. Exceptions may be made on library-sponsored programs as long as sales benefit the library and/or are not the primary purpose of the meeting/program.
  1. Prior arrangements must be made when overtime services are requested. Permission will be granted pending availability of a staff member to stay late. A fee will be assessed to reimburse the library for this service.
  1. Reservations must include the name of the organization, purpose of the meeting, number of persons expected, name and phone number of person responsible for the group, room set-up and equipment required, and time of meeting, including set-up time.
  1. Reservations will be accepted up to three months in advance for one evening (after 6 pm) or one weekend day per month or two weekdays (before 6 pm) per month per group. The Community Room can be divided into two rooms according to the needs of the group for the kitchen (Side 1) or the screen (Side 2). Exceptions may be made for a series with a limited time frame.
  1. Individuals or groups reserving rooms will be informed if their meeting dates must be changed or cancelled. Advance notice will be given if time allows.
  1. Groups of school age children must be chaperoned.
  1. Neither the name nor the address of the Baldwinsville Public Library may be used as the official address of any organization except the Friends of Baldwinsville Library, Inc.
  1. Groups holding meetings must leave at the agreed-upon time and are responsible for any damage to the room or its contents. The room must be left in a neat and orderly condition. If damage occurs or special cleaning is needed, an appropriate charge will be levied. A deposit to offset cleaning charges may be required.A second offense will result in that group and/or individual being denied further use of library meeting rooms.
  1. Arrangements must be made in advance for use of the kitchen, and a deposit may be required.
  1. No smoking is permitted on library property. The sale, consumption, or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs on library property is prohibited.
  1. In the event of the library’s closing due to inclement weather or other emergency reasons, all activities will be cancelled. On days when the Baldwinsville Schools are closed due to bad weather, the library will open at 12 noon, weather permitting, and morning programs will be cancelled.
  2. After an initial warning, any user of the meeting rooms may be barred from future meeting room use for failure to abide by these guidelines, or for being disorderly or disruptive while using library facilities.
  3. Parking spaces allocated for meeting room users may be limited and are confined to the lower parking lot.


Revised 1/19/83
Adopted 7/10/02
Revised 7/13/05
Revised 11/12/08
Revised 4/10
Revised 8/8/12
by the Baldwinsville Public Library Board of Trustees