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We have reviewed the websites listed below and recommend them, but they are not part of our site. The Baldwinsville Public Library is not liable for any issues you may encounter while navigating these websites. This list is not all inclusive. Any sites that require registration before a user can access materials, or which require an account with a proprietary vendor are not included in this list.

Study Guides & Quick Reference Materials

Citation Formats: An introduction to the APA and MLA citation formats.

New York Practice Permit Tests: Prepare for the NY Permit Test with these study guides and practice tests.

Choosing a Career and Preparing for College

College Navigator by the National Center for Education Statistics, provides students with information on which majors are offered by which colleges, along with advice on preparing for the college experience.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on various professions, including projected job growth, median salaries and educational requirements.
 provides information on the process of applying for a student loan, including information on who qualifies for which types of student grants and loans, interest rate information and details on repayment plans.

Careers in Healthcare & Medical Support  Explore today’s highest paying and fastest growing careers in healthcare.

How to Become a Medical and Healthcare Professional Match your skills and interests to a medical career and learn what it takes to get started.

Guide to Online Schools & Programs in Medical & Health Learn about online and hybrid medical and healthcare education. Find the answers you need before you apply and enroll.

Information For Parents

The Baldwinsville CSD Curriculum Page includes very specific information about what students in the Baldwinsville Central School District are expected to learn.  This page is a valuable resource for parents who would like to know more about what material their children are learning in school.

A Parent’s Guide To Common Core Learning from the New York State Parent Teacher’s Association (NYSPTA). This brief guide describes the new standards, and how they will be implemented in New York State.

New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, published by The articles linked to on this page cover the same material as the parent’s guide listed above, but in much greater depth. is the national website for the Common Core Program. Information regarding the new Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) standards may be found in Mathematics Appendix A (PDF), and in English Language Arts (ELA) Appendices A, B and C  (PDF Downloads).