Become a ‘Page’ at the
Baldwinsville Public Library

Experience & Training
Should be able to work with the public and maintain a good attitude towards patrons and co-workers. 
Being able to put items in alpha-numeric (Dewey-Decimal) order. 
Ability to follow directions; arrive to work on time; take responsibility for hours worked. 
Physically able to stand for 3 hours or more, and able to lift, bend and stretch. 

Sorting and shelving materials. 
Read shelves for order-accuracy and re-shelving materials as needed. 
Covering the Circulation Desk; greeting patrons, and checking items in and out. 
May be asked to assist with setup for library programs; arranging tables and chairs, setting up video projectors, etc.
Performing special errands or tasks as assigned: going to post-office, running to Dollar Store, etc. 
Answering the telephone and referring calls to appropriate clerk or librarian.  

Currently seeking a daytime staff member who is able to work up to twenty hours per week. 

The Library is seeking Volunteers
for Fall of 2017

We are currently seeking adult volunteers interested in assisting:
· Tuesday or Wednesday Mornings with delivery
· Shelving books anytime.

INTERESTED? Come into the library to fill out an application.

The Baldwinsville Public Library (BPL) recognizes that volunteers are a vital resource in fostering a culture of collaboration with local businesses and the Baldwinsville Community as a whole. BPL values the diverse talents, perspectives and contributions of people in our community and trusts that by involving volunteers we are providing opportunities for their personal growth by sharing their skills, interests and talents with the staff and patrons of BPL.

Director – Margaret Van Patten

Children’s Services – Corrinne Kushner

Young Adult Services – Valerie Chism

Experiential Learning Librarian – Julia Schult

Outreach/Public Relations – Nancy Howe

Local History – Bonnie Kisselstein

Technology – Robert Loftus

Nonfiction – Diane Holbert

Interlibrary Loan Clerk – Cathleen Johnson

Bookkeeper – Cynthia Snyder

Meeting Room Bookings – Margaret Van Patten or Julia Schult

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Staff Training


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