Hoopla is a 24/7 media streaming service. Content is delivered through your internet browser, so there are never any fees for losing an item or returning it late. If you are using a smart-phone or tablet, you can search your app store for the Hoopla App.  The Hoopla service is compatible with personal computers as well as tablet PCs and smart phones that support audio and video streaming.  You can also download Hoopla files to your device to watch at a later time (so long as you are within the checkout period).

Please note: Each library card is limited to 4 check-outs per month (any mix of movies, music, ebooks, or audiobooks) and the checkout counter resets on the first of each month. Hoopla does not allow you to get extra loans by returning items early.

If you have a smart-phone or tablet device with a limited data plan, you may incur additional charges from using this service.  Watching movies or TV shows online uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video.  If you wish to stream video with this service make sure that you are connected to a wifi network so your device does not resort to your cellular data connection.  The library is not responsible for your data balance or usage.

Click Below For The Hoopla Users Guide

Hoopla User Guide

After you’ve created your Hoopla account, you’ll be able to access items directly from the library catalog by clicking on the Hoopla link and entering your Hoopla user-name and password.


Click here to access Bville Library information and the catalog through the Boopsie Mobile App

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