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Take Our Nooks on Vacation

(just don’t take them swimming!)
Lighten your load as you pack for summer trips by
taking one of the Library’s Nooks (each pre-loaded with at least ten titles) with you rather than a stack of books. They are ready & waiting to join you on your adventures.

So, how does it work?

There will be one Nook for each of the following categories:
Kids Grades 1-3 Mystery Novels
Kids Grades 3-5 Science fiction Novels
Popular Teen Novels Classics on eBook
Supernatural/Fantasy Novels Bestsellers 1
Thriller Adventure Novels Bestsellers 2

Nooks will be available for up to three weeks; the same as printed
materials (excluding Rapid Reads). You will be able to find the titles on each Nook in the catalog. For example, if you are looking for a copy of Gone Girl, one choice will be to borrow the eBook version on our Nook.

It will be possible to place holds on the Nooks, but the Nooks must be picked up and dropped off at the Baldwinsville Public Library.

These Nooks are Read-Only. This means that titles can not be loaded on  them except by library staff. If you would like to suggest titles please

contact Julia Schult (


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