Begin searching by clicking the “Search the Catalog” link in the right hand sidebar

The electronic catalog can be used to locate materials in any Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL.) The online catalog offers fully functional searching for books, DVDs, videos, CDs, cassettes, and more.

If you are interested in an item that the catalog shows “in,” and you want to go to the library to pick it up, be sure to call the library in question for availability and ask the library to hold the item for you.

If you want to place a hold/reserve on an item you locate in the catalog you will need your library card number and pin number. If you do not already have a PIN (Personal Identification Number) visit a local library for assistance. For security reasons PIN numbers will not be given out over the telephone or via e-mail.

With your card and PIN you can look at your account to renew items, look at what you have checked out and more.

The Library Has Downloadable Audiobooks, E-Books and Music

download_ebooks2Interested in downloading material to your computer, mp3 player or other portable device? Get started now, with OCPL’s digital catalog!

You Can Reserve Materials…

When you place a hold/reserve you must be sure to specify at which library you wish to pick up the material.   Also, unless you need a specific volume or edition select the REQUEST ITEM option at the top of the list of locations as opposed to the REQUEST COPY. Request item means that you will get the first available copy whereas request copy means you would have to wait until that specific copy became available.

In addition with your library card number and a PIN you can go to MY ACCOUNT to :

  • Renew materials
  • Cancel reserves
  • Look at the list of books you have checked out
  • Create book lists

If you place an item on reserve you can choose to be notified by phone or mail. If you select the mail option and your e-mail address is in your library record you will be notified by e-mail otherwise you will be notified by US mail. Please note that if you do not seem to be receiving e-mail notices and you have a program to block spam the message may be in your spam box. There may also be something your Internet service provider is doing to eliminate spam and thus prevent the message from going through. You would need to contact your Internet service provider to see if they are able to do something that would allow the message to go through.